Be Our Town Agent (Free)


  Be our sole agent in this town

Soon, every town in your country will have one agent of ours. We would like to invite you to be the ONE for this town. Yes, you will be the SOLE agent in this town!! This is a great way to get to meet people and earn some extra income. You will also got the fun of building up the visual town for a place which you are familiar with.

You can be working in any areas at the moment. Be our agent does not have special requirements. If you happen to an advertising firm or individual in this area, it will certainly be an advantage.

Other websites may need you to pay to join as an agent, but here, it is FREE to join, what we ask for is your time and effort to update the town information and to find any potential advertisers in your town.


  Any ads profit will be shared

There are many potential advertisers in your town. They can be hotels, restaurants, real estate agents, convenient store, florists, laundry shops etc. You can go out and find an advertiser whom is interested in positing an ads box in your town page. Once the ads is up, you will get a share of the advertisement fees from the advertisers.

The ad box size is : 110px wide by 80px high ( facebook size) . See the ads box example in this town.

We will tell you the commission rate and other details once you join us.


  Update town information

Building and updating your town's information can be fun and fulfilling. The information may include (but not limited to): GPS location of your town, surrounding photos, local news, sightseeing spots, landmarks, gas stations, etc. More updated and interesting information of your town will definitely help to increase the hit rates. Hence, it will eventually attract more advertisers.


  Future Business potential

Once you join us, we will tell you more about other income that you can get by representing us in this town. Don't miss this opportunity, come and join us now!


Hurry up, just go to the town you live in and click on the top banner to join !